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Neoole Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Neoole") is a large enterprise focusing on new retail and digital enabling industries. Neoole is jointly invested and established by well-known enterprises such as CDB Investment Fund, CCB International, ICBC Credit Suisse,Agricultural Bank of China International, Industrial International Trust, Everbright Xinglong Trust, Bank of China Investment, Beijing Agricultural Financing, Beijing Capital Group, Beijing Finance Commercial Investment, Sharingtone Group and so on. It aims to build Asia's largest and the world's most influential "digital new retail comprehensive development operator". At present, Neoole plans to develop projects with a construction area of Nearly 5 million square meters , and its business covers more than 10 major economically developed provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China. 

As China's top and largest new retail platform, Neoole closely follows the lifeblood of the times, reconstructs the business model, enables enterprises to transform and upgrade, and transfers from the traditional offline business model and traditional e-commerce model to a new economic model with consumer as the center, data as the driver and online and offline marketing integration. 

The Neoole business model includes but is not limited to smart retail. Through the new O2O e-commerce model, it runs through the online e-commerce platform + live broadcast + offline exhibition service sales + service experience, supports the synchronous development of B2C, B2B, B2B2C and s2b2c multi nodes and multi channels, and uses VR / AR virtual reality technology to realize the perfect integration of virtual reality, online and offline, overseas and domestic interaction and grafting. 

"Neoole" takes the absolutely universal new retail as the core driving force, realizes industrial digitization, governance digitization, value digitization and digital industrialization through industry reconstruction, reform and innovation. Build a Neoole with comprehensive perception, data collection and integration and intelligent analysis and calculation, provide services for the new olai value sharing economy, build a community of interests for shareholders, employees, channels, operators, consumers and brands, and create better conditions and greater value for the industrial chain ecosystem.

"Neoole" will efficiently integrate resources from all parties, fully grasp new economic models such as digitization, networking and intelligence, and help China's new economic development by carrying out investment in innovative industries and cultivation of supporting industries. In the future, Neoole will actively promote core technology, high-end talents and major scientific and technological bases. Infrastructure and financial capitals are gathered to guide and promote the landing and development of major high-quality projects in each location area, and strive to build a "knowledge intensive industry cluster area, innovation factor comprehensive service area and international technical cooperation demonstration area" with global influence. 

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