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CDB Investment Fund

China Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as "CDB"), a policy financial institution directly under the leadership of the State Council of China, is the world's largest development financial institution and China's largest medium and long-term credit bank and bond bank. Shareholders are People's Republic of China finance ministry, Central Huijin Investment Co, Wutong Tree Investment Platform Co., Ltd. and National Social Security Fund Council, which mainly serves the major and medium and long-term development strategy of the national economy through developing medium and long-term credit and investment business. By the end of 2020, the total assets had exceeded 20 trillion yuan. 


CCB International

China Construction Bank is a large state-owned bank managed by the central government and directly under China Central Bank. It is also one of the four largest banks in China. The main business areas include corporate banking, personal banking and capital business. There are branches and subsidiaries in countries and regions, with subsidiaries in fund, leasing, trust, life insurance, property insurance,investment banking, futures, pension and other industries.


ICBC Credit Suisse 

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ( ICBC) is a large state-owned bank managed by the central government of China. Its basic task is to raise social funds through financing activities at home and abroad, strengthen credit fund management, support enterprise production and technological transformation, and serve China's economic construction in accordance with national laws and regulations. On May 13, 2020, as the first batch of initiators, the initiative of "digital transformation partnership action" was launched with the national development and Reform Commission and other departments. 


ABC International

Agricultural Bank of China ( ABC ) is a large state-owned bank managed by the central government of China As an important part of the financial system, its business scope also covers investment banking, fund management, financial leasing, life insurance and other fields. In 2018, the Fortune Global 500 ranked No. 40. On July 22, 2019, the Fortune Global 500 list was released, and Agricultural Bank of China ranked 36th. 


Industrial International Trust

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. is one of the first joint-stock commercial banks approved by the State Council and the people's Bank of China. It was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2007 (Stock Code: 601166). It is China's first "equator bank", with total assets of 4.41 trillion yuan. At present, industrial bank has 108 branches and 1435 branches. 


Everbright Xinglong 

China Everbright Bank is subordinate to China Everbright Group, a ministerial central enterprise directly under the State Council. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 2010 and on the stock exchange of Hong Kong in December 2013. As of June 30, 2020, Everbright Bank of China has set up 1290 branches in China, with branches in 147 economic central cities in China. 


BOC Investment

Bank of China is a large state-owned bank managed by the central government. Its business scope covers commercial banks, investment banks, funds, insurance, aviation leasing, etc. Its institutions cover the mainland of China and 61 countries and regions, including BOC International, BOC investment, BOC fund, BOC insurance, BOC aviation leasing, BOC consumer finance, BOC financial business, BOC Hong Kong and other holding financial institutions. 


Beijing Capital Group 

Beijing Capital Group is a large state-owned enterprise under the Beijing municipal government. Beijing Capital Group has competitive advantages such as capital operation, industrial coordination, innovation, research, development and international cooperation. Based in Beijing, capital group has a national layout and entered overseas. It has four listed companies and one enterprise listed on the new third board. By the end of 2020, its total assets exceeded 400 billion yuan and has ranked among China's top 500 for many consecutive years. 


Sharingtone Group 

Sharingtone Group (hereinafter referred to as the "group") is the largest shared industry investment and operation company in China integrating industry, finance, science and technology and services respectively. The group carries out core business through its three groups of "shared industry, shared urban investment and shared finance": lead and promote the integrated development of shared economic industry and traditional industry; Take the lead in building national "leading demonstration zone of sharing economy" and "industrial park of sharing economy" in major central cities in China; Carry out financial product innovation with the sharing concept to provide all-round financial services for sharing enterprises.

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