Industrial Planning

Adhering to the four tenets of "industrial innovation, mode innovation, service innovation and financial innovation", Neoole has carried out operation mode innovation, commodity system innovation, consumption system innovation, industrial incubation innovation, urban service innovation and capital mode innovation on the basis of traditional retail ideas. 

1、 Innovative operation mode 

Upgrade from commercial operation to "offline experience service"  Online live broadcast e-commerce  Industrial chain upgrading  New retail operation mode of industrial internet. Traditional retail, city construction, business operation, city services, offline service experience, Neoole global brand exhibition base, luxury fashion exhibition culture center, platform operation, online consumption experience, Neoole business platform, Neoole  broadcast platform, industrial development, internet plus industry, whole industry chain digital upgrading, and Realization of Internet industry "empowerment", consumption Internet, The upgrading of the whole industrial chain, the industrial Internet and the acquisition of large consumption data require the deployment of real industrial chain resources to improve the business efficiency of enterprises. 

2、 Innovative commodity system 

The retail model of traditional business needs continuous innovation to solve the problem of single model. In terms of commodity system, it covers everything, including off-season commodities, off-shelf commodities, old commodities, inventory commodities, new fashion products, current season luxury brands, international customized brands, self operated brands, designer brands, urban premium products, daily consumer goods, service products and other products.

3、 Innovative consumption system

Based on the sales of Neoole e-commerce products, create a member consumption pass system to realize the capitalization of member rights, multiple consumption rights and circulation protection. 

Neoole , consumer rights, consumer points, consumer pass, scenario interconnection, consumer interconnection, block-chain, cloud technology, Neoole intelligence, big data, massive commodities, platform traffic, trading platform, point exchange, warrant trading, and build a consumer rights and interests system based on the massive transaction data of Neoole e-commerce platform.

4、 Innovative industry incubation

The traditional investment promotion operation is mainly upgraded to a service provider covering the whole industrial chain such as product design, production and processing, commodity logistics and e-commerce.

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5、 Innovative urban services 

Introduce high-end consumer products and international brand operators and service providers, organically combine them with smart cities, and lead the upgrading of urban consumption and modern service quality. 

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6、 Innovative capital operation 

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