With the help of Internet technology upgrading, new retail enterprises build a private domain traffic pool

With the rapid development of the Internet, great changes have taken place in people's consumption habits. In 2019, we see such changes. From traditional e-commerce to social e-commerce, offline retailers take the social retail business model as a new growth channel to better contact customers and obtain new market growth through social platforms.

Ricky, product director of digital commerce cloud, believes that private domain traffic is different from the logic of competing traffic. The core of private domain traffic is user relationship operation - businesses focus not only on traffic, but also on the value of super users with strong repurchase ability. Return to value itself has become a new theme than the early naked traffic to compete for the accurate operation of traffic.

What is private traffic?

The definition of online is: the traffic that is owned by the brand or individual, can be controlled freely, and can be used for many times for free.

Definition for others: a private place that belongs to you. Tiktok can be WeChat official account, WeChat personal number, micro-blog, She Qun (your control), WeChat friend circle, headline, jitter, etc., all the traffic pools you control. This traffic pool is your fans, your customers and potential customers.

True meaning: all the channels where you can safely advertise and don't have to worry about being kicked, you can control the traffic.

It can be simply understood that private domain traffic is fish pond culture, and all you can raise in captivity is yours.

Benefits of building a private domain traffic pool:

The cost of private domain traffic users is controllable and the viscosity is very high. It is really the best partner for self redemption and seeking realization.

1. Directly reduce the cost of trust

Those who play the Internet, do business with wechat, mix circles, and are used to shopping online are just such a wave of people. There are too many routines on the market. Too many people want to buy their own things. Do you think private domain traffic solves the trust problem so much? tolerable.

Let's think about who ordinary customers trust when shopping? Is it a teacher, an expert. As usual, we have to hang up the expert number and entrust the relationship to give red envelopes to experts. Similarly, it is the same in the business world. Customers are willing to trust experts, so when positioning, you have to design your own identity and package yourself according to your target customers.

Is to deal with people. In the final analysis, it is to study human nature and meet people's various needs, aiming at our innate human nature and the acquired secular judgment.

When you continue to output utilization value. To do a good job of the content, good products let customers contact. Trust is only a matter of time. Private traffic should provide long-term value rather than short-term benefits. The real innovation of private domain traffic is actually the evolution from "traffic thinking" to "user thinking".

2. Prevent the loss of old customers

I've never bought anything in the same store twice. Help me open the express. A small note and a small interest merchant want you to add his wechat. I don't usually add it. Why should I add one? Are you sick? There are almost such things now. Once I saw a note, sweeping the code and pulling you into the national clothing group. I'm very happy to add it immediately. Why? The community attracts a lot. Losers think of girls and businessmen think of traffic. Only a group that can communicate is good. If I buy something, he will give me a circle. Why not buy it? I'll think of him next time I buy this product. Although there is no output in the group. But the community itself uses value. It's best for customers to trust.

3. More conducive to shaping word-of-mouth

Yes, to continuously output the use value, to do a good job in the content and good products for customers to contact. Word of mouth is built on trust. No one will tell others that I use rubbish. If you understand, you will understand.

Although there are different industries and different audiences, the framework of private domain traffic play is to solve and meet human nature. It is inseparable from its religion through "interest", "trust" and "conformity".

Summarizing the underlying logic, the first key word is specialty. In private domain traffic, consumers directly face a trusted, flesh and blood, emotional expert and friend. Users will have consumption behavior under TA's advice. This is the KOL realization mode under the business logic of b-pull-c. the second key word for the existence of private domain traffic is trust, unprofessional and distrust. Continuous output of utilization value is the "last centimeter" to solve the trust between people

The highest level of private domain traffic is to be a flesh and blood friend in life.

If you really want to operate private traffic well, you must start with the thinking of fine operation and insight into human nature, and take the community as an enterprise strategic work. At the same time, private domain traffic is also a double-edged sword. People who play well know how to make use of the power of traffic pool to create together with super users. People who don't play well may bring harm to the brand. Because the flow pool is also a decentralized platform, everyone can speak. Once a negative voice rises, it will pollute the whole pool water.

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