The key to new retail e-commerce: data + technology + supply chain + retail value

To simply explain the new retail in one sentence is the close integration of Online + offline + data + technology + supply chain + retail value elements and scenarios. There is no reason why new retail e-commerce can survive in the cold winter of capital. It is not delirium that new retail store management can replace the era of pure e-commerce. The retail industry has always been a multi enterprise competitive industry. After all, there is a huge room for profit. The Internet has changed the advantages of traditional offline enterprises and is no longer a market economy dominated by products and resources. With the Internet, the re allocation of product resources is not a problem. The new retail e-commerce development platform model combines the online and offline resource integration model, In 2018, the new retail platform began to precipitate and can also be accepted by consumers. The new retail e-commerce platform can be expected in the future!

How to understand the concept of new retail e-commerce platform

We know from the understanding of new retail that the rise of e-commerce has had a great impact on online, and e-commerce has reached the ceiling after several years of development. New retail was put forward by Ma Yun at that time. I believe Ma Yun also saw the proximity of e-commerce before sending us the signal of new retail, but the real change and subversion continue. As a small business, we may not be able to do anything without strong capital trial and error and high-end technology as support.

Since the concept of new retail e-commerce development was first proposed by Ali, Ali's practice in the field of new retail e-commerce development is of great significance to our in-depth understanding of new retail. In Ali's ecology, we see three obvious trends:

The first trend: new retail e-commerce significantly drives user activity

The multi-dimensional massive data accumulation of the new retail e-commerce platform makes Ali stand at a higher starting point, and the personalization of content and goods becomes possible. Under big data, Taobao knows more and more what consumers want to buy. Most of them are what consumers need recently.

The second trend: the new retail platform touches users in all channels

The new retail e-commerce platform takes mobile payment as the fulcrum, and users' consumption nodes from offline to online are fully reached. In fact, Ali is also building an Ali ecology, ranging from agricultural products to entertainment, new retail e-commerce platform, localized services and finance. It has almost completely encircled and suppressed users, and its business expansion is also very comprehensive. Almost Ali's ecology is about to be completed.

The third trend: new retail mall supply chain and back-end system access

Ali, including JD, has invested a lot of resources and capital to improve the supply chain management capability of the new retail e-commerce system, upgrade logistics and other back-end systems, continuously improve the user experience and reduce the cost of the new retail e-commerce system.

When it comes to the giant's new retail practice represented by Ali, HEMA is a typical example. Its benchmarking significance for the new retail e-commerce system is self-evident. At the same time, we should also see that HEMA has great requirements for capital. The opening cost of a store is tens of millions. Behind these advantages driven by scale and capital accumulation.

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